KISMET and Jia | 女機師生活誌

2016.06.22 Songshan, Taiwan

After my first flight:

I wish I had a kiss before it :p

First time wearing full uniform to the airport and walking through customs with the crew means getting showered by people's attention. "Look! Female pilot!" I heard murmurs here and there. And some elderly people trace you with their eye sights. It's an cool experience. 

Flew to Tokyo and back. I didn't even set foot on Japanese soil. It's amazing that Japan was my first destination; it's a place that enriched my cultural natures. 

I will be back.

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Phoenix, AZ

What does a pilot do?



Endless studying.

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2016.02.09 Tue
Taoyuan, Taiwan

Left Ahn-ahn on the table after taking the cny picture last night and found him in the middle of my nonfiction collection in the morning. The decoration aesthetic of my father :)

어제 설날 사진 찍은 후에 안안을 책상위에 놓고 잤어. 아침에 일어나서 내 논픽션 컬렉션중에 걔를 발견. 센스 있는 우리 아버지.

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2016.02.08 Mon
Taoyuan, Taiwan

Chinese New Year, an Asian version of Christmas, with lots of food and love, and family. Extremely grateful that I can spend CNY with Pop, Ma, & Sis this year. It's been a while. 

Found this pair of dolls my dad gave my mom 30 years ago; and the script on them still reflect dating natures today.

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Flagstaff, AZ

Life in the States was less than  a month ago, yet it seems like a lifetime ago. Missing the cold, the dryness, the people, and the me.


Val Vista Lakes, AZ

很少白天來到這個湖邊。一個人坐在這兒靜靜地想著,我是誰?從哪裡來?往哪裡去?誰喜歡我?我喜歡誰?還有自己是不是 deserve 別人的好感。

離開美國的時間開始倒數計時,雖然仍然不曉得是哪一天要離開,但「最後了」的感覺卻怎麼也揮不去。最後一次飛行,最後一堂課,最後一次見到這個人... 然後在我開始感傷「最後」的時候,美國生活卻從天下扔了一個插曲給我。心情有些複雜,某個角度看來是一種肯定,是惋惜時間不夠的一種方式。但換個角度想想,似乎也是一種否定,不管是不是時間不足都不該如此的恣意妄為。

或許人事時地物不同的話,會有不同的故事發生。但 given 的條件就是這些,在這樣的時空背景下,展開了這樣的故事。每個情節都是一種選擇,或許我們可以揮灑出不同的走向,但可惜的是,已經發生的 plot 並不能輕易地被塗改或抹去。似乎只要牽扯到好惡這種最單純的情緒,複雜的程度卻是以倍數成長。我能夠 laugh it off and move on, 但故事中的其他人物呢?我一走了之,and whatever happens in Arizona can easily stay in Arizona. 可是曾經的那種心情,卻是無法忘卻的吧?

I'm culturally different wherever I am. 除了妹,世上或許再也找不到別人跟我有類似的文化背景。但即使如此,我們也常有無法理解對方行為的時候,想不透她的這個想法作法,究竟是來自哪部分文化。他說,他不認為是文化的差異,因為我週遭的 drama 也有白人的參與。想了一下午,我覺得,或許這跟文化的差異無關,反而是和 similar cultures 有關。








東方神起 <Stand by U>

Val Vista Lakes, AZ

君はどこにいて 誰とどこにいて
どんな服を着て 何して笑ってるんだろう
僕はここにいて 今もここにいて
君と二人でまた 会えると信じているよ

你在哪裡 和誰在一起 穿著什麼樣的衣服 
我在這裡 依然在這裡 相信著有一天還會再見到你的

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2015.11.29 Sun
Gilbert, Arizona

New hobby: making detox water

I'm not a big fan of herbs so decided not to put in any. Just water and the fruits I like. Going grocery shopping, picturing how the fruits will look like in a jar, and trying to balance the colours out in my head is an amazing feeling. 

I cannot believe I'm saying it but it's cold in Arizona lately. Though detox water jars is a summer concept, I would microwave a jar in the morning. It is difficult to describe how wonderful it is to start a day with drinking a jar of warm Vitamin C water and eating all the fruits I like. 


2015-11-29 02.20.46 1.jpg
sky in the rock

2015.11.26 Thu
Papago Park, Tempe, AZ

Sky in the Rock.

在機場附近看飛機,不知不覺好像變成一種興趣愛好。松山觀景台,桃園第三航廈,溫哥華 Flight Path Park,還有現在的 Papago Park. 在大岩洞裡窩著望著遠方 Sky Harbour 的飛機起降,聽著 PHX 的 frequencies,看著手機的 flight tracker app 想著剛剛才送走的同學們。

是一種跟平常飛行的時候,跟 phoenix approach 要 flight following (請他們幫忙看著我們不要撞到山或別的飛機)或跟飛 IFR flight plan 很不同的感覺。平常我拉長了耳朵在聽的,是我自己的 call sign,是維持著天空秩序的指示。而今天我在搜索著的,是載著我愛的朋友們的航班號碼,是一種道別。


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2015.11.21 Sat
E. Basline Road, Mesa, AZ


Sunshine is the simplest happiness.


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Gilbert, AZ

The begining.


大學的主修 Asian Language and Culture,是一個讓許多人委屈的專業:
除了課堂上所學的以外,也花了很多時間在研究箇中的 linguistics 與 history。



那時的情緒很 complex:
通過了第一階段的試煉,時間和想法上都多了一些餘裕,Project Ahn 開始成型。
然後這隻 pilot teddy 出現在我的生活中,很沒創意地幫它取名為安安。

走過世界60個大大小小的城市,my journey is still on going.




Gilbert, AZ

The beginning

A lot of the times, life cannot be divided into solely black and white. The grey area is too wide, and quietly, the story started without anyone even realizing it.

Asian Language and Culture, my major in university, is a major that sometimes we do not get credits for our effort since we are "a bunch of Asians pretending not knowing our mother tongue to get a high GPA." Yes, there are dishonest people, but there are also people like me who are genuinely fond of languages and cultures who spend much time on linguistics and history. 

I fell in love with the word 安 (Ahn) ever since I started learning Japanese and Korean. It has the same pronunciation in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and though it is only consisted of a few strokes, it has a complex meaning. It is calm and quiet; however, it is not cold or distant. Moreover, it is neutral, neither masculine or feminine if used in names. 

Life is a novel, and I am not sure when the chapter I am in now started. 2015.09.15, the day after I passed my stage one check ride in my flight training, also the day before my first solo. It felt like a special day, but it also seemed like an ordinary day. It was a mixed feeling: excitement, joy, accomplishment from passing the exam, also worry, nervousness, and ambition about flying solo the next day. I became more ample in time and thoughts after passing the check ride, and Project Ahn started to come together. Then this pilot teddy came into my life, and I named it Ahn-Ahn. 


I expect myself to blend in the local life style where ever I am and I am working to reach the goal. I am a traveller but not a tourist. My journey is still on going after traveling to 60 small and big cities.


It is only the beginning of the story about Ahn-Ahn the pilot teddy. Here we go!

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